SkyBiz 2000 was created so all Families will learn "To Keep in Touch"   throughout the World, utilizing modern technology, "The Internet" SkyBiz 2000 was created so all Businesses will learn and use modern technology, "The Internet"

Our "Easy to Use" Web~Site~Builder will enable you to Create and Maintain your "35 Meg Web~Site (with unlimited pages)" that "Keeps Your Family in Touch." and your Business on the World Wide Web.

What is the Product?
For the Low Price of $100.00, plus a one time processing fee of $25.00 you will receive a multi-faceted E-Commerce Web Package:
  • The 35 Meg Website, includes 2 web builders and a Frames Builder
  • The personalized, self-replicating Skynary Website like the one you are viewing
  • The personalized, self-replicating Go Site
  • A Web Site Builder Demo
  • A Web Site Builder tutorial
  • Links to Search Engines
Online Educational Software, consisting of :
  • Courses in usage of the Internet
  • Courses in Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1
  • Course in Web Site building to teach you how to enhance your web site
  • Instructions on how to create banners and buttons
  • Instructions on how to size images
  • Instructions on how to optimize your computer settings
And many bonus features!
  • Free e-mail accounts (unlimited)
  • Personalized literature that you can print and use to build your business
  • Live Customer Support and Technical Support if you have questions or need help
  • Free Internet Service (currently in US & Canada, international expansion is underway)
  • And for those who choose to become Associates, there is:
    • On-Line Genealogy
    • Online Daily SkyMail
    • Post and view meetings
    • Online Help
    • And lots more to come
For those who say it's all available free, TRY TO FIND THIS COMPLETE E-COMMERCE WEB PACKAGE IN ONE PLACE FOR FREE. It can't be done!
What is the Website for?
  • Create your own Masterpiece.
  • Personalize any way you want.
  • Upload your own pictures.
  • Make Changes Daily.
  • Connect your Family.
Use the 35 Meg Web~Site for anything you want, Familyor Business. We're Big on Family, as you've noticed. We recommend that you create a Family Web~Site "To Keep In Touch."
If everyone in your Family had a 35 Meg Web~Site, you could all post your current events for your entire Family to see. "We'll Even Teach You How." That's where the educational part of the Product helps.
It doesn't matter how far away your Family members live, anymore. No one has to miss any more special events. You simply post them on the Web "To Keep in Touch."
What would you post?
  • 1st Birthday.
  • Weddings.
  • Holidays.
  • Christmas.
  • Baseball Games.
  • Soccer Games.
  • Family Vacation.
  • The Ski Trip.
  • Grandpa Sleeping.
  • The Carnival.
  • The Circus.
  • Our New Home.
  • Your New Computer.
  • Graduations.
  • 50th Birthday.
  • Football Games.
  • Gymnastic Meets.
  • Grandma Skiing.
  • The New Car.
  • Jon's New Girlfriend.
  • State Finals.
  • The Track Meet.
  • Baby's First Steps.
  • Your Newest Invention.
  • The Garden.
  • Family Pictures.
I think you get the point.
SkyBiz 2000 has created the "Web Site Builder" that allows the complete novice to build their Family Web~Site. Everyone, regardless of Computer Experience, can put their "Family on The Web" today, and update it daily or as needed. " We'll Teach You This, Too."
Finally an affordable way for "Families To Keep In Touch."
Who would want to miss moments like these...

Although we may live in separate States or Countries, we can now begin " To Keep In Touch." Tell everyone in your Family about your Family Web~Site, and recommend they get one for themselves.
It's now up to you to make sure your Family knows how...
"To Keep In Touch"
You never know when your camera will "Capture a Special Moment." Businesses and other organizations simply use the 35 Meg Website in the manner they deem most beneficial to their goals. The Skynary Website is the key to the E-Commerce Web Package It is your personalized, self-replicating Skynary website like the one you are viewing. It is the key to all the rest because it houses the web site builder programs that you use to build your 35 Meg Web site. It has the Web Site Builder Demo and the Tutorial that you can use to see if you can use the web builder programs to build a web site before making a purchase decision. It contains the educational and instructional programs. You launch your Go Site from it. You get your free e-mail from it, etc. In other words, it houses or is the launch pad for all the other components of the e-Commerce Web Package.
You also have the option of joining SkyBiz 2000 and having your own Online Home Based Business selling 35 Meg Websites. To activate your Home Based Business, all you have to do is fill out "Step 4" on the Online application. (NO Additional Charge) We recommend you sign up for it even if you don't plan on using it. Your up-line can help you build your down line.

Go to our site and check it out. View the video, check out the Demo Web Builder. This site is set up with most of the languages in the world. Just click "Overview" and then in the upper left corner click "International".

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